Exploring Route 66


We've made a few trips on short sections of Route 66 in California, mainly through the eastern desert and in the city of Los Angeles. Until I get all the pictures organized here a a couple of samples

Odell Standard Oil Station

Near the eastern end of Route 66 in California is this colorful sign welcoming visitors to Needles. The area, on the banks of the Colorado River, was an oasis to early travelers on Route 66.

Roy's Cafe, Motel and Gas Station in Amboy is one of the largest and best preserved Route 66 businesses in California. It's also been featured in many films and TV commercials.

Original Log Cabin Restaurant
Santa Monica Pier

Skipping ahead, way ahead, this is the traditional western end of Route 66, the Santa Monica Pier. We didn't actually go on it. It was a holiday weekend and the pier was mobbed.

No Go